Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child have to be toilet trained?
No. Here at Over Kellet Playgroup we understand that most 2 year olds are not toilet trained and we want to support you and your child as you go through this stage in any way we can. There is therefore no pressure on you to train your child nor for your child to be trained before they start and we fully support and assist in training whenever you feel your child is ready to start potty training. They can bring their own potty or we have several at Playgroup also toilet trainer seats. We are used to dealing with accidents in a discreet and professional way.
Do I have to leave my child on their first session or can I stay for a while?
Every child and parent! is different and we consider this when settling new children. With this in mind there is no straightforward answer to this question. If you wish to stay for a while - that is fine. Some parents feel it is best to leave and come back in a short while or phone to see if the child is settling. All children have individual needs. Some are very independent and are used to being left at nursery for example and settle quickly. Others have never been left before and it may take a few sessions for them to feel comfortable with their new surroundings. There are a few ways to ease this transition. One way is to come to the toddler group that we hold at the hall where we run playgroup and our Playgroup Leader is at the session. The child will then get used to the surroundings and have a link with our Leader and also some of the other children who either go to playgroup or will be starting very soon. You and your child are also very welcome to visit playgroup during a session to see how things are run and to meet the staff. We also have a ‘settling-in policy’.
Will I have to go on a parent helper rota?
No. We have fully met our child/adult ratio with appropriately qualified staff with a minimum of 2 staff at any one time. We believe that this takes the pressure off parents to do their ‘duty’ when they generally have other commitments - younger children to find care for whilst they’re on duty or at work and have to pay someone to do their duty. Whilst we have our ratio covered this does not mean that we would not welcome any parent who wished to help out or to observe as long as this was discussed with a member of staff previously.
My child has special needs - will they be accepted?
We provide an environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs, are supported to reach their full potential. We have a designated member of staff who is our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and they would work in partnership with the parents and other agencies to meet the individual child’s needs. For more information see our policy on Special Educational Needs.
My child has dietary requirements and allergies. How would you accommodate them?
In the first instance we find out from parents their child’s dietary needs and any allergies and record the information in their registration record and parent sign to say this is correct. We would regularly consult with parents to ensure our records are kept up to date. On a daily basis we display the information about the child’s individual dietary needs so all staff and volunteers are fully informed about them. We would provide alternatives for children with allergies taking care not to make a child feel singled out. Other information is displayed on our Food and Drink policy.
If my child needed a sleep where could they rest in a village hall?
We have beds in a quiet area with mats, bean bags and pillows and the other children are encouraged to be quiet around this area. We also have a push chair as some children prefer to sleep in this. Children can bring their own pillow/ blanket and comforter if they wish. Sleeping children will be checked regularly by staff and the area is easily visible to staff. Please also see our policy on Sleeping Children.
In very hot weather or wet weather do you still take the children outside?
Ofsted requires that children should have the opportunity to play outside every session ‘unless circumstances make this inappropriate, for example unsafe weather conditions‘. At Over Kellet Playgroup we have an excellent outdoor facility which has a grassed area and also a soft tarmac fenced area which we can close off when it is particularly wet and the children don’t need to go on the grass. In the winter months we ask that parents bring wellies and suitable coats for the children to enable them to go out and likewise in the summer months we ask that parents apply sun screen to their children before the session and bring a hat and sunglasses if wished. Drinking water is always available Staff may apply sunscreen to children if it is thought necessary (eg if children are staying for extended hours). Parents would be asked for their consent for staff to apply sunscreen and to check the sunscreen we are using. If this is considered unsuitable then parents may supply a suitable alternative clearly labelled with their child’s name. Please see our policy on Safety in the Sun for additional information.
Can 2 year olds stay all day?
Yes, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
Are all the staff qualified and DBS checked?
Yes, all staff are qualified and DBS checked.
How do we pay our fees?
An invoice is given to you at the beginning of each half term. You can pay online or by cash or cheque. You can also pay by vouchers through your employer.